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❰❰  Conversion Rate Optimisation

The ultimate word in marketing is "conversion" and it's undoubtedly the most important aspect of running a website. It encompasses everything that makes a website great. The things that make a website great among others are: quality of product, quality of content, search engine optimization, design and user experience. Websites that convert well, will definitely have all of these areas covered and will have certainly done a better job at this than their competitors.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

The word conversion can be completely misunderstood as most people think of this as simply being a 'call to action' or just simply improving click through rates. Conversion rate optimisation is the method of creating an "experience" for the visitor of a website or landing page with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. This is achieved by looking into a number of of elements of the website, from design to content. When beginning the process of conversion rate optimisation there are six factors to take into consideration:

  • Value Proposition: By this we mean the sum of all the costs and benefits of taking action. What is the overall perceived benefit in your visitors mind? These perceived costs and benefits are what we call "value proposition".
  • Relevance: Does your content on your website/page match your visitor's expectations? Do their needs match your "value proposition"?
  • Clarity: Is your "call to action", main message and "value proposition" clear enough?
  • Anxiety: Are there certain elements on your website/page that create uncertainty to your visitor or that are completely missing?
  • Distraction: Where does your eye first land on your website? Does it assist you on getting your message through? What does your website/page display that is off topic? Does it have a conflicting message?
  • Urgency: Why should your visitors follow your conversion funnel? What incentives, offers and presentation will make them take the desired action?

How to perform conversion rate optimization?

In order to optimise your conversion rates as mentioned above, there are a few basic areas to have a look at and improve:

  • Design: This includes user experience design (UX Design), Call to Action, Graphics/Display, Quality of Product.
  • Content: Quality of Content, Presentation of Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): accurate titles, relevant keywords, correct meta-data, images and videos. All these must be clear, descriptive and with correct names and keywords.
  • Testing: A key contributor to success is constantly measuring and testing what works and what not. This is an ongoing process of experimentation.


The above facts are by no means comprehensive and what works for one website might not work for another. This is due to the fact that every website has its own message, objectives and character. Performed successfully, conversion rate optimisation can have a long-term effect on your website and its success. Conversion rate optimisation is a continual process within an ever-changing environment. The more knowledgeable you are in regards to your website the higher the chances of succeeding.

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