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It is true that when we discuss about content, our mind straight away thinks of text content. But there are other forms of content such as video and pictures that can have a big effect on our search engine rankings and which can result in higher visitations and therefore higher conversion rates. In our days, search engines provide us with a blend of results such as text, pdf, blogs, video and images. Video and images have stopped simply being an interesting add-on to the website structure but an integral part of every marketing effort.


Most websites have images displayed but not many optimize those images for the search engine results. Images are an asset which should be utilized correctly for organic search results and have the ability to generate loads of traffic. Visitors can identify with pictures and can easily capture the visitor's attention. Below you will find a number of important tips for optimizing your pictures in order to improve their performance on your website as well as on the search engines.

Find the right Image

Finding the appropriate picture is very essential when talking about optimizing performance. They can add a different dimension and feel to your page or article and can encourage visitors to convert. While the text itself is also important, it is the image that sells the page or article. Make sure the picture is relevant to the content of the page or article.

Quality of image

It is imperative that the picture displayed is clear and easy to see. This increases the chances of the visitor clicking on the image and having a positive experience.

Image Description

Just as keywords are vital in the content of your website, the same also applies for pictures. This means that the filename of your image should include a few descriptive keywords that are relevant to what the picture is, as well as to the surrounding content. It is important to do so, as it helps search engines identify the image, determine its relevancy and rank it accordingly.


The "Alt-Text" or "tags" as they are also called, are another way for search engines to identify your picture and determine what the image is about. It is a few words describing what the picture is about and it should include a few keywords. It is important to keep the description relevant to the image as well as to its surrounding content.

File Size

Part of the image optimization process s ensuring that your picture is not slowing down the loading time of your website. That's especially important for mobile websites. This can be achieved by using free tools such as "Image Optimiser". You should also make sure that the dimensions of your picture are of appropriate size.

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